Our experienced staff cook up unique and delicious flavors, blending their dishes perfectly with the atmosphere created by the incredible sunset background by the pool.

Why not celebrating in a stylish atmosphere. Our chef is glad to assist you with the choise of your wedding, baptism or birthday meal.You can be assured that your quest will be excited.

Enjoy every hour of the day your coffee, drink or coctail at our beautiful bar.  You will be enchanted by the view!

Take a look at our menu! Our dishes are delicious!

    • Starters

    • Greek Salad

      Greek Salad

      Our greek salad is made of fresh delicious tomatos, cucumber, olives, feta cheese and extra virgin olive oil.

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    • Grilled Vegetables

      Grilled Vegetables

      Our grilled vegetables dish consists of fresh eggplants, musrooms, courgettes, onions, tomatoes and green peppers.

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    • Garlic Tomato Bread

      Garlic Tomato Bread

      Delicious garlic bread for starters made of baked bread, fresh tomatoes, garlic and olive oil.

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    • Grilled Octopus

      Grilled Octopus

      Fresh grilled octopus is a delicious dish for starting your sea food meal. You will love it.


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    • Crete Cheese

      Crete Cheese

      Our Crete cheese is a delicious starters dish. Combining it with honey makes the right taste.

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    • Greek Courgette Balls

      Greek Courgette Balls

      Our greek courgette balls is a dish you should not miss. It is great for starting.


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    • Main Dishes

    • Beef Burger

      Beef Burger

      Beef Burger made of the best ingedients with fried potatoes and rice.


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    • Souvlaki Pork

      Souvlaki Pork

      Delicious traditional greek souvlaki pork will excite you. It is combined with fresh fried potatoes or rice!

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    • Fisherman's Pasta

      Fisherman's Pasta

      Enjoy our well known delicious Fisherman's Pasta with shripms, octopus and mussels. This is a dish you should not miss!

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    • Grilled gilt head bream

      Grilled gilt head bream

      Fresh gilt head bream grilled is a must taste dish in our restaurant. We offer a variety of fresh fish dishes.

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    • Fried Pork

      Fried Pork

      Fried pork is one of our best dishes. Why serve it with rice or fried potatoes.


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    • Steamed Mussels

      Steamed Mussels

      Steamed mussels is a dish you should not avoid at any cost! The fresh mussels are baked on steam and combined with garlic they make a divine taste.

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Our detailed Menu


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